Bring SOS Train-the-Trainer to your district. On-site half-day workshop (20-75 participants)

Offering half-day workshops to prepare participants to train students, faculty/staff, and parents in youth suicide prevention. This interactive training encourages participants to practice key competencies, discuss common barriers, and brainstorm strategies for successful delivery of evidence-based suicide prevention in the classroom and to the larger school community. A thorough review of SOS materials and planning processes ensures key school staff are ready to deliver suicide prevention education to all audiences.

Topics include:
  • Facilitating a classroom discussion about depression and suicide with 6th-12th graders

  • Administering universal depression screening and following up with identified students

  • Providing youth suicide prevention training for teachers and school staff

  • Coordinating with school administration and community partners for support

  • Reaching out to parents as partners in prevention

Participants commonly include:
  • Counselors, school psychologists, social workers, health teachers, and other school staff who will deliver suicide prevention education to students

  • Community mental health staff and youth-serving organizations offering SOS directly to students through school partnerships

Cost $3200 plus travel expense. 

$800 for parent, community or student implementation training.  

Discounted scholarship determined case-by-case basis.  

Training price does not include SOS licenses for schools. Each school needs an annual SOS license to provide suicide prevention training to students, teachers, and parents. First years subscription- for video and program materials for parents, educators, administrators, counselors, teachers and students. $495 Annual renewal $300. 




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