July 29th 10-1 Eastern Trauma Informed Care Transformations

July 29th 10-1 Eastern Trauma Informed Care Transformations



Not the Usual Trauma Informed Care Training!

Transformations Goal - Trauma Informed Care Tansformations is to provide a practical guide & applications for agencies, & support service professionals to practice trauma informed care to help recognize the trauma of individuals, staff, and the community, and assist in creating an organizational structure that avoids re-traumatization, promotes safety and encourages healing.

Training will cover 

  • Trauma informed care basics 
  • Define trauma prevelence & complexity to healing and recovery
  • Overview of ACE study
  • Review of Samsha's 5 core values to incorporate within a culture of trauma-informed care which are: safety, trustworthiness, choice and empowerment.
  • Covers accreditation requirements for screening assessment & delivery
  • Attendees will practice experiential activites to assist in understanding individuals affected by trauma and promoting trauma informed care interactions



Continuing education applicable for KY Targeted Case Managers.  

Trauma Informed training- may cover additional continuing education requirements and/or agency insurance requirements.




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