3.0 total hours Program 

Clinets dropping out of therapy early?  Hmmm.  

Discussion, activities and scenarios and practical tips and tools for sucessful termination with in's an douts of Termination.  

Termination process and how can be difficult for client and therapist.  

Group activities and discussion about when to talk about termination 

Why we avoid difficult conversation.

Including research why terminating feels uncomfortable    

Tips to improve difficult conversation and answer the I, we questions.  Explore difference between termination and abandonment.   

When do you know it is time to terminate therapy 

Practical guidelines for termination. Documenting concluding therapy.    The nasw code of ethics with regard to termination of services and briefly and review of the American mental health counselor code. 

Is there Ideal termination? Discuss ideal and well not so ideal termination scenarios.  Situations when necessary to terminate services for client in crisis. 

Client avoidance and sensitivity to loss when start talking about termination.  Termination letter could be a bad thing. 

CEU approval in Ky and Ohio for couselors social worker and addiction professionals.    


The ins and outs of Termination

  • No refund

    Participants must be present entire time to receive credit for training attendance.  

    Additional expense for travel outside of NKY area

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