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Virtual Group Rate Overcoming Ostracism

Virtual Group Rate Overcoming Ostracism



This  is a 50 minute virtual training is intended for school adminstrators, teachers, counselors, youth serving organizations and youth grades 6-12.  

Goals are to increase positive relationships and  connections that may help create a safe enviornment for youth to grow and learn.

Participant Objectives:  learn about ostracism meaning and defintion, consequenses  and how to implement strategies throughout the district, in the classroom and with youth that may help to foster a healther and safer enviornment.  Program can be provided in one classroom period.

Maximum audience size is 20 .  


  • Presentation is non-refundable

    Presentation does not claim to end ostracism, violence or bullying in community program , school district, classroom or with youth.  Program intent is to help provide education, materials and strategies that may assist with existing violence prevention efforts.  

$400.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price

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